The warmth in your heart will guide you to your destination of purpose and contribution on this special day designated International Peace Day. How would you know there is peace in the world today? The news would have you think differently.

When you follow the warmth in your heart you go past the chaos and past ego to an awareness of something stirring in your belly. You feel it at the physical level and still you know it is more than that.

The warmth envelopes the “all” of you.  You remember a time when you were a kid and how you loved to play. You have a felt knowing of what it is like to be fully engrossed in play and fun. This is peace at work in your life. There was a time when you lived this way.

You could not wait to get home from school so you could play outside. Your friends were close to your heart and there was an unspoken understanding of connection, peace and fun between you.

The warmth is all of that. It’s just that you have forgotten. It might even seem that the world has forgotten today.

And yet, if you are looking for the next step in your life you will have to find peace in your heart, warmth in your whole self and wake up that part of you that can remember.

You decide to undertake a practice of discovery. First, you set the intention to pay attention.

Then you start to take quiet time every day to check in with yourself.

Then when chaos shows up you tap into the peaceful love in your heart and you radiate it out to the world.

You see one person like you makes a difference, first in your life then the lives of others.