You have a voice and the world needs to hear it. Your heart yearns for expression n and now is your time to let it out.

Fear not what they world thinks of what you have to say. It is for you that you need to speak, draw, paint, play music, sing or dance or whatever your expression is.

Don’t hold it in any longer take a chance. Let it out.

Now is the time. Tomorrow never comes.

Your voice has a resonant tone that will make your heart sing when you speak or whatever expression you have.

Yours is unique to you No one has your expression and the world needs to hear it.

It has been a long time since you shouted “No!”. Let it out and say “Yes!” to your expression.

Let the energy flow. It will feel good.

As the energy flows from your heart through you to your expression in the world those around you will wake up to the fact that you are there.

Don’t wait there is an urgency in your heart.

The sooner you let it out the more joy you will feel.

You know it is time. Let go and do not be faint of heart.

The world needs your “voice” whatever expression that is.

Find  your voice and then things change. You’ll see.