The river of your life moves fast. One moment you are born.

The next moment you are a senior citizen.

Some say trust the river it will take you where you need to go.

Others say have a boat with a big motor so you can navigate the waters according to your own will.

You have free will and the power of choice, so perhaps both means are possibilities for you.

Make sure your boat is not leaking without your awareness.

When the vessel is not in good shape then how can the journey be fruitful?

Take care of your body temple. It is the only one you have.

Be mindful of your thoughts because they travel long distances on the web to which we are all connected.

Listen to the voice of your mind to see if it is a voice of wonder or a voice of fear, doubt and worry.

The river is moving fast so it is good to make each moment count for the value of your life.

Wasted moments will not contribute to the precious cargo you carry on your journey.

Where will the river take you?

One only knows the final destination of the journey is to have us leave this space.

What you put in the space between the beginning and the end is up to you.

This does not mean you have to change the course of the river however you can try. Many of us have used a lot of energy trying.

The essence of you is aligned joy when your energy runs pure and strong.

Let it be so on this journey because it is within you.

This is who you are.