I was given a painting some years ago from my father’s estate. The work of art was signed in the name of a relatively famous painter.

flowersIt sat on my bookcase looking good and reminding me of my heritage.

It reminded me of my dad and the qualities of compassion and gentleness he brought to his life.

It turns out the painting is a fake. It is a replica painted by an unknown.

It got me to wondering if my dad knew that.

Did he pay too much for it?

I wondered, even if he knew it was a fake, did he enjoy looking at it.

Was he Ok with overlooking the flaw and going to the source of creativity that someone brought to him?

How do we know what and who we are looking at and engaging with are authentic?

Are we paying attention to how we act in our relationships, business and personal life in a way which allows for that part of us known as authentic to show up?

I know I learned a long time ago to wear masks of different sorts to use in different situations.

There is the happy mask, the sad mask or the confident mask and then there is the competent mask. We have many varieties of mask.

All of these are part of the make up and dress we wear to be in  the world in the way we have been taught is appropriate.

It is the way I think the world expected me to be.

We have all been taught by our elders how to act, what to say and how to perform to get the best reactions.

We have masked our authentic nature to play act in an expected way.

Sometimes we need our masks but I wonder if we have gotten so used to then that we have forgotten to open our heart and show our authentic nature.

It is a question of being aware of when we are in one mode or another.

When you open your heart to people you are more vulnerable and maybe more powerful.

I’ll leave it to you to decide what works for you and when.

I want to be authentic.

It is when I feel most aligned with my heart and essence, so it feels the best.

Then what you see is what you get.

This is who you are.