“What can you do when you have the heavy feeling of failure in your heart? It’s not always so easy. The answer, of course, is action. That’s not always easy because when you have the heavy feeling, you don’t feel like taking action.” Leo Babauta

We have all failed at many things. Perhaps more than we wish to remember.

When you judge yourself as having failed, it is like giving a report card to a kid in class and telling them they did not make the grade.

Then you make up a story about your failure trying to push away the heavy feeling in your heart.

The key is to know two things. First you have made up the idea that you have failed. This is particularly true when you want to meet someone else’s standard and it looks like you didn’t measure up.

Second, once the failure declaration is made you make it mean something about who you are.

This is the critical point. You must separate your behaviour from who you are. They are not the same.

The skill required to parent a child, to write a book, to get enough exercise and to stop over eating are all learned one day at a time. You probably won’t be good at them all the time.

The success or failure you have is also made up in your mind. You decide about your life and then live it every day.

The litanies of tales you can tell about your failures are only paragraphs in a life story of success.

You cannot avoid the truth that you are as special a being as was ever created.

This is who you are.