It is time to face yourself for whoever and whatever you think you are. You have probably done some things you are not proud of. Great, we all have and they are in the past.

That means even if you acted poorly yesterday or an hour ago the actions are in the past.

You can still look in the mirror and say, “I forgive you.”

It may be the only compassion and understanding you get today.

So be it.

Let yourself be the gardener of your life who takes out the weeds, sifts through the overgrowth and decides what aspects to keep.

No can do it for you.

I lied to myself these past couple of days about being a patient man.

That was using bad language, slamming down the phone in anger and complaining to anyone who would listen about the bad service I encountered.

Funny thing, the louder I got the poorer the service seemed to be.

Righteousness under any guise is not an attractive quality.

Forgiveness for my loudmouth poor behavior is the order of the day. It does not change who I am as my essential self.

I still must look into the mirror and see the qualities of the man that I am.

Yes, there are improvements to make but then all of us are on a never ending path of transformation and evolution.

Let it go and move into a space that says there is no need to repeat the past.

Every thought we have and every action we take is subject to our power of choice.

If we continue to make choices that lead to poor behavior then we know we have used our power of choice to follow that path.

Then the mirror shows up in front of you and once again you have to face yourself.

I believe that every one of us has a wealth of wisdom and contribution to make to the world.

One of the openings to realize this is to face yourself and declare the love that is in your heart.

When you are in touch and activate the love within you and the power of the choices you make, you have faced the essential you.

This is where all that is in your life and will come into your life will thrive.

This is who you are.