How we see ourselves determines how we act in the world. If you believe you are a good person then likely you will act as a good person.

EyesYou will think about how to act from the perspective of doing what is good.

What if you believe you are a person to be trusted? You are trustworthy.

Will you get everyone’s trust?

Probably not but then you would have to accept the idea that their lack of trust is about them, not you.

I know a teacher who is absolutely brilliant.

She can work with the most challenging students and somehow get them to open up to her and gain their respect and trust.

As a result her students who choose to believe she is giving them good information do very well in the world. Some of her students have completely changed their self-image and changed their behavior.

But what of the teacher herself?

She shuns the idea she is special.

In fact that she needs to take better care of herself.

She gives and gives and gives to her students no matter how badly they behave.

She is filled with compassion for them and wants only the best for them.

Her picture of herself is of this giving person.

She knows her teaching can be hard because not every student will take up the challenge.

Her eyes see only the students and what they need and who they are.

As a result she does not feel her own exhaustion.

Taking care of herself would be a gift to her students.

The way we see ourselves is a powerful motivator as to how we act.

Unless we are willing to see the picture we have of ourselves, it is difficult to change.

This is who you are