Extreme sports are played at the edge. All the resources of the players are stretched to the maximum limit they can withstand so they can get to the finish line before the next guy.


You play in the extreme sport called living every day. That’s why you are tired at the end of the day. You have given all you’ve got.


What are we trying to prove?


I am better than you.

I am faster than you.

I can get more toys than you.

The world is divided into you and them. The goal is to get to the finish line before the next guy.


What if you played the extreme sport of raising your consciousness beyond competition?


What if you could experience your consciousness of happy fulfillment in a way that left you feeling nourished rather than drained?

What if you knew that what anyone said about you would not alter your commitment to live in a consciousness of fulfillment?


Yes, it is possible.


This is who you are.