Every human being is a complex system that has physical attributes, intellectual attributes, emotional attributes and spiritual attributes. Each of these systems contributes to the whole person.

These systems have the ability and capacity to operate and deliver with precision and flow.

However, things get a little messy as we grow up because we learn how life is supposed to be from our parents. These lessons are taken seriously by our ego.

We are on the whole, however, very intelligent beings on all levels.

So our ego gets developed and starts running the systems instead of our knowing self I call the soul. You might call it your intuition. It is that part of you that you would describe as the truth.

One might even say we are powerful and exquisite. I would say we are powerful not in the gross sense but in the way that our systems have the ability to deliver greatness on any level we choose.

It’s like a water pipe that gets clogged up with calcium or junk. The pipe has the capacity to deliver huge amounts of water but the flow is restricted by the junk in the pipe that has been created by the ego.

We get clogged up because we don’t see and appreciate the exquisite nature of our whole being. As a result it is hard for us to see for ourselves. We can learn to see it and use it though with practice and patience.

As we accept it, our life is expressed more from our wholeness and exquisiteness than our ego.

Maybe we need an ego bypass to clear the delivery system so we can operate with our exquisite nature at full potential. Howiej      

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