The essence of the vessel is not its golden cover or its ornate fixtures. Your vessel is not your curly hair, your lush body or your perfect teeth.


The essence of your vessel is the void inside. It is the consciousness which you choose to become aware of and enter into with joy.


For most of us this is unknown territory placed behind the veil of our historical learning.


However, there is a way to come home to your true nature.


That nature that is abundant with wisdom and knowing. It is the ultimate pursuit of happiness beyond any material possessions.


Here is how to start to live in the consciousness of your essence:


  1. Believe that there is more to you than you know now
  2. Choose to learn about your consciousness
  3. Start to meditate every day so you can connect to your source
  4. Practice your intuitive knowing and you will soon see how accurate it is


When you strike out on the path to live from your consciousness you will be excited to see the results you can achieve quickly. There are many distractions along the way. Don’t let these worry you. Persist in the face of it all.


This is who you are.