Would you say you are engaged in your life? Are you aware of the stress and strains you have in your life and how you feel about them?

It is hard to say how many of us are aware of what we feel at any moment of our life since statistics are hard to come by.

I was reading Canadian and US research papers that indicate up to 75% of employees are disengaged in their job.

Wow, all those people going to work not knowing something about their value, their contribution or whether they are making a difference.

It got me to wonder how these people do at home.

Are they fully engaged in other activities that are of more interest to them?

When I have asked a few people they tell me their work life is separate from their home life.

Their engagement in home life stands out as a light for them.

It is a place they value and like to feel valued.

Is it possible to live our life partially engaged?

Can we go to work in a state of numbness and not have it flow over to other parts of our life?

What is the possibility here?

The possibility is for each one of us, you and me, to check-in and see how engaged we are in our life.

What is it we like and don’t like.

What changes do we have to make to make our life more satisfying.

It is a conscious, courageous act of starting to mindfully live your life one moment at a time.

It takes commitment, practice, focus and discussion with like minded people.

There is a treasure within us waiting to be unlocked.

It is our reality even if we don’t know it yet.

Imagine the fun and rush of energy as you uncover one beautiful aspect of yourself after another.

This is who you are.