Is the face you put on to the public your authentic self? Many times we would have to say no if we were honest.

You are conditioned to play roles, determine in advance what you say, to see what is needed and of course you don’t want to hurt the other person by being perceived as inappropriate.

 The energy within you is a powerful indicator to you of how things are going at the moment.

Feel your energy now. Is it flowing? Is it static? Does it feel fearful?

Depending on the situation you may tell a white lie or speak authentically in order to get what you think you need.

Either way you know when you check into your physical self what the truth is.

Energy does not lie. If you are telling a white lie your body knows it.

When you are authentic and speaking from your power base, your body and mind know that too.

The world may not be able to put words to it, yet more and more of your friends, colleagues and community are sensitive to the energy coming at them.

Everyone feels the vibration in some way even when they can’t put words to it.

When you stay in your aligned power base using the combined authentic energy of body, mind and soul you become a light for the world.

This is who you are.