You have so much power! You are a complex, interesting, intelligent, wise and energetic being that has all that you need to access, mobilize and manifest from your essential self.


The first step is intention.


You must have a clear intention as to what you are looking for and want to manifest in your life.


So, I decided to connect to the universal possibility and try an experiment. I gave myself twenty-four hours to see how many bald men I could find in my travels. It’s amazing how many of them showed up!

You might say this is crazy but try it for yourself. Set an intention for something simple and see what shows up.


Watch your self-talk. You’ll have lots of it.


Your training has taught you how to handle things in a rational manner. Just setting an intention and then seeing what shows up will sound silly but it works.


The second thing you need is a clear picture. What is it you want?

Many of us are so muddled in our thinking that if we try to create a picture of what we want our self-talk and brain nattering takes us away from the picture.


Keep the picture clearly in mind.


The third thing is to listen carefully to your intuition.


You are very intuitive. You can have the guidance you need and want when you stop pushing for the answer and let the results show up as you take one step after the other.


Have fun using the power you were born with to have your life created the way you want it to be created. You say it and your word becomes the energy going into the universe.


This is who you are.