If you are to live a life of vision, of breadth and of transformation then you will embrace emptiness. When you experience emptiness within you there is an opening created that does not have boundaries.

Your vision is wider, broader and richer because the shackles of assumptions and judgements have been removed.

There is clarity about emptiness that allows you to see your life from a new perspective.

What is emptiness?

When you become quiet in meditation and learn to quiet your mind you can create space within that is pure. It is the part of you available for going beyond where you have not gone before.

When you remove limitations you have made up for yourself over the years you can be looking for the opportunities that present themselves outside your normal point of view.

You see within you is a vast potential of possibility that has been constrained by your imposed beliefs and attitudes.

When you realize you made it all up in the first place you can then take steps to go further in life than you ever imagined.