We have all been trained to meet expectations, meet goals, act appropriately and fit in. Some of us have done a better job than others.

There comes a time though when your authentic essential self wants to show itself to the world.

There comes a time when the energy you expend trying to act and be something for someone else is too much. You realize it isn’t worth it anymore.

We all know that life itself is impermanent, yet we act as if we can keep adapting forever hoping that along the way we will find happiness in our heart.


It is time to stop editing.

If you cannot be your authentic self, that part of you that is heart connected to the world, then maybe there is a better place to be.


It’s a choice ultimately. You keep adapting until the end of the run or you make a new choice.

The truth and power are in your heart. In the knowing that goes beyond your thinking mind.

Find it, love it and activate it.

This is who you are.