There was a time your dream was alive in your everyday life. You may have been three but it was there.

You played with marbles or dolls, dresses or stones as you made your dream come alive.

Then you invited others into your dream. They saw it or they didn’t. You did not pay attention to that. You were living your dream of being a famous cook, baseball player or fashionista.

Then life came along and grew you up. Sometimes fast. You were only five and had become an adult.

Your dream went away. No it didn’t. It just got put aside for more pressing matters like safety or taking care of mom or keeping dad happy.

Your dream is still alive. Dream it now.

Yes, life is busy, oh so busy. There never seems to be a minute for yourself.

Steal that minute. Take it from someplace in your life and place it squarely in your heart so that your heart feels that minute like a life time. Your heart breaths into that time you give yourself and puts a light on your dream.

No plan required. Take only a minute of your time to reawaken that which has been in the closet of your memory gathering dust.

Now in this moment there is light on your dream. It is real. It is alive. You feel the energy of it.

Your day is off to a great start. Your dream walks with you today even in those moments you are out of breath.