We live in a world that expects us to act in a certain way. Our adapted self is supposed to show up knowing the rules and knowing how to speak in a way that those around us understand.

There is an expectation that our behaviour will be in sync and acceptable to our family and when we are at work.

There are rules to follow and we better know what those rules are if we are to be accepted into the social structure around us.

Hold the phone!

What happened to my independence?

What happened to my soul journey to an awakened state where I could be my authentic self in any situation?

The opportunity to be your authentic self is always available. It’s just that your adapted self is afraid of bucking the status quo because someone may throw tomatoes (rejection).

That means someone my not approve of us. It depends on how you have integrated your soul nature and have become familiar with that part of you we know as authentic.

When you know this integration there is a confidence within you that can be presented to the world no matter what. There will not be the fear of rejection or unacceptability.

So take the journey to your soul. How do you do that? You go back and recover the child that was left behind when you were five or six years old. Talk to them, love them and accept them and they will be with you.

Then your journey really gets exciting because you are fully present in wholeness.