Trying to push thoughts and worries makes them bigger.  

Have you ever tired not thinking of something when someone suggested you don’t think of it?


Your brain is a technological marvel at creating pictures, and sounds.

It is constantly working to bring you information that may be helpful to you.


The powerful reality is to realize you have control on what you focus.


When you focus on the elephant, the floppy eared giant will be right there with you.


When the brain is buzzing with worries there are a number of strategies some people try like drinking, running, working, sex, television or any other distraction you can think of.


Release the obsession on whatever is with you by engaging in the passion of your life.

The passion of your heart will give you the space to be totally absorbed.

When you are living your passion you won’t have to deal with the elephant showing up so often.


It is in your control.


This is who you are.