The notion we are more than we can see has been knocking at my door lately. There is so much I don’t see in this world.

I don’t see your pain behind your mask.

I don’t see what you are thinking and don’t talk about.

I don’t want to see my own flaws when I look in the mirror.

I prefer not to acknowledge my judgements of others, my attitudes toward certain  things and certainly not the opinions I have about my lovability.

It is preferable when everything looks perfect.

All of us have opinions and attitudes about ourselves.

We may think we are perfect or not. Maybe it doesn’t matter.

What I have noticed is that our attitudes and judgements guide our thinking and actions.

The other thing I have noticed is that it is not up to me to make your decisions for you.

Whatever you decide to do in your life is made from your heart not mine.

So any assumptions I might place on your actions are most likely off base anyway.

What I do know is you are more than I can see.

You may have flaws, self determined or not.

It really does not matter.

I can love you anyway no matter because the essence of you shows up at my door every day.

I get to accept you or not.

When I accept you for how you are in the moment, that is love.

Love knows no judgements and does not have edges because love is a way of being not a feeling.

I think you are exquisite. No kidding there is not a molecule I would change about you.

I get to accept you as you are.

You can do the same.

This is who you are.