There seems to be an epidemic in our society these days that we need to do it all. Keep as busy as possible, have the kids in three different sports and make sure that we do not rest until all is done for the day. Your ego loves this sense of false importance brought about by  filling your schedule with a to do list longer than the hours in the day.

The result is exhaustion, depression and a sense of failure because there is no way all that you have put before you will get done.

It is a form of self abuse that temporarily satisfies your ego.

Peace comes in the form of slowing down the parade. Reduce the list of activities to allow for “you” time.

If there is no time for you then soon there is no you. Your definition of self is relinquished to the ego through activity.

Try allowing for quiet time to contemplate what you really want to be engaging in and let that be your guide to self definition.


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