Everyone has a story of their life. It cannot be otherwise because each of us came from a family. We have history and we bring history with us. Every one of us has a divine spark within us.  A spark connected to the universe. It lives beyond the fringes of our story. It lives within the confines of our soul.

Our spark gets covered over, put away and forgotten soon after we arrive here.

The distractions of daily life have us focussed on survival, making our way and learning how to adapt to the community of which we are a part. We are expected to play our part as directed by those in charge.

Our divine spark never goes out. It never loses the potential for expression of heat and passion in our life.

However, we will need to remember it. We need to open the door to it again.

The exciting part of this journey is that it is available to each one of us.

The possibility is that your divine spark is not far away.

One step to take is to choose differently than you did yesterday.