Research shows that some 11% of men and 16% of women will experience depression during their life.  

What has caused all this depression?


In my limited survey, I hear people talking about uncertainty, chaos of life and a sense they don’t control their own destiny.


When we feel like we have lost control, we probably have.


The energy to get up in the morning to put on the face of mom or dad or businessman or businesswoman is almost too much.


We spin our lives out of control trying to grasp at something that is most likely not achievable.


If we are pushing to make others happy, meet someone else’s goals or just be seen as helping out, we have put ourselves in the headlights of depression. We just won’t win this game.


The journey of life is just that, a journey.


If we are to make a joyful trip of it then we need to choose joy each day.


In some way even when we don’t know the next step can we engage with an attitude of joyful optimism and hope?


As soon as we do that, others around us take on the same energy.


You can be a leader of, and a hopeful contributor, to show the way out of depression when you activate your own expression.


I mean your essential self expression. That place within you called soul or knowing.


You have light within you, as we all do.


We can raise our consciousness to a level that we can accept and be joyful with all aspects of ourselves.


As an author, I struggle with my expression and if I leave it behind I can fall into the dark place.


The truth about you and I, however, cannot be denied. There is light, wisdom and knowing within us beyond any feelings of inadequacy we might have.


Choose to know your essential self. That is where the hope, possibility and inspiration live.


This is who you are.