The bee is a unique and amazing creature. It is so beautiful doing the things some say it shouldn’t be able to do …like fly.

BeesThere is an intelligence about how a bee lives with other bees.

They collaborate about things in their life, they divide up tasks to be done and they support the community, each one doing their part.

Perhaps they fight or argue, I don’t know about that but it looks to me like a community with a purpose and everyone dedicated to what needs to be done.

The head bee sends out scouts to bring back information about where the best flower gardens are in order to get pollen.

The returning scouts do a dance to indicate the direction and distance from the yummy stuff they need to make honey.

The community acts in unison to achieve an objective.

Perhaps there is something for us to leaner about relationship from the bees.

Maybe we need to ask more questions of our colleagues and friends as to what they need and how we can support them.

Maybe we can communicate better our needs and wants to our partners.

If we let go of our need to be right and see possibility perhaps we can act together in unison to move forward in harmony.

We humans are so intelligent, I am sure we can find ways to dance like the bees leading us to more fulfilling experiences and relationships.

This is who you are.