What are you curious about? Do you consider yourself a curious person?

I am very curious.

I love to see how things work.

pussy catOver these many years of working with people, one of my interests is why we humans do what we do.

Why do we act in a certain way with our family then act in a completely different way at our job?

How come we carry on day after day in a routine in which we don’t stop for a  minute to examine the impact what we are doing is having on our lives?

In my study of us humans I notice many people are not happy with their lives.

They are running hard to get somewhere yet when I ask them where that is there is no answer except to say that’s just the way it is right now.

Our curious nature, I believe we are all curious, is put aside for what look like shorter term goals while we get somewhere.

It’s just that we don’t know where we are going so how will you know when you get there?

I think our curious nature asks us to take the time to examine what we are doing, why we are doing it and what is the fulfillment we seek.

We all have a brain that is in constant change and a mind with far more capacity that we can even imagine.

However, I am curious as to why so many of us put aside those aspects of us we love so much for other more mundane objectives.

Be more curious to unlock your capacity.

When you allow yourself to take time to walk in the forest or on a beach or around your block you see what is going on.

You see the inside because you feel it and you see the outside because you observe it.

The years roll by quickly.

We are human potential at all levels of our being.

We have capacity and capability we have not touched yet.

Curiosity opens the doors to new possibilities.

Don’t put it aside any longer.

Ask yourself, what am I doing this for and why.

Let yourself hear the answer not as a criticism but as information to guide you.

Your inborn curiosity got you off the floor when you were a child and you started to walk.

Perhaps we need to be more like the curious child again.

This is who you are.