Most of the time we carry on our lives with some degree of calmness and awareness. But what do you do when someone comes at you with criticism or blame?

Many of us have a reaction and may try to retaliate or strike back. Even if what had come to us was unjust we have made the situation worse by striking back. Now we have created conflict rather than connection.

This may happen with anyone in our circles of family, friends or work colleagues.

But there is one with whom we are intimately connected and many times criticize or blame or bully because we do not think they have done it right or well enough.

Yes, I am talking about you.

The precious you.

The one who came into this world to be their best.

Somehow a voice got created within you that acts as a brake on your ideas, your thoughts and your behavior.

At every moment during the day and night the judgements come hot and heavy.

You strike back but it creates conflict within you as to the reality of your dreams and plans.

How can you create peace and connection within you?

Some ideas I have worked on include:

Forgive yourself. Many times you may have to forgive yourself for how you talk about yourself or how you have acted. Do it anyway.

Promise to do better. Make a promise to change your habit pattern about yourself. Treat yourself better and be aware of how you nurture your precious self.

Practice self-compassion. You will have to accept the tough stuff as well as the good stuff. Nothing is gained by trying to push it away. Treat yourself gently. You are worth it.

Connection with self is far more powerful than conflict with self.

This is who you are.