“It is the artist who tries to gradually accustom people to the possibilities of a better state of things.”  ― C.A. Dawson Scott

You have at your disposal visioning power and capabilities that you most likely have not used to the maximum.

You are a creative person. Oh, you don’t know that?

Yes, it’s true. You have a capacity for vision that has more than likely lived in a small box for a long time.

When you turn the lights out in a room it is hard to see in the dark.

When you open your inner eyes you effectively turn on the lights and you are amazed at what you can see.

When you see it you may not know all the steps to reach the horizon of your dreams but they are there waiting for you to arrive one step at a time.

Without the pretense of self pressure and self judgement just let your vision carry you forward a little bit for today.

Then sleep deeply and restfully knowing that your world is in perfect harmony with your creative vision.

The next day upon arising speak your gratitude for your vision and the nourishment you feel in your soul for it.

This is who you are.