I love a strong cup of coffee with the dark taste and the lingering flavor of roasted espresso beans. When the coffee is ready it is a signal to my brain that it is time  to step back, sit in my favorite chair and write and think.

coffeeWe all have triggers in our life that remind us to do something or feel something.

Sometimes the triggers have been put in place by events we did not plan on and maybe did not want.

To have markers in your  is a good thing.

We can use a variety of triggers to remind us to do something.

This is a great way to change  or create a new habit.

When you want to create a new habit you can use a trigger to remind you to do it.

For example, when I get home from the gym I need to remember to hang up my towel and my T-shirt.

So I created a ritual that when I come home I put my keys on the hook by the door. That’s my reminder to hang up my towel.

When that is done I acknowledge the action to lock it into my memory.

These are small simple steps that over time can make a huge difference as you use them on different parts of your life.

I have made a habit of consciously looking for opportunities to change for the better.

When I want to make a new habit I now use the simple formula including a trigger.

The trigger is easy to use because it is something I do all the time anyway and all I have done is linked it to a new habit.

We all have habits of one kind or another.

You get to choose which ones to keep and which ones to change.

When you want to change a habit use this simple formula to make it easy.

The easier it is the more likely you are to continue doing it.

This is who you are.


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