You are a trooper that’s for sure. Your friends and family would say so because you have done so many things and never given up. They do not know you are trying to crack the code.

Like a detective on the hunt you try things and if they don’t work out you move on.

Not daunted by the obstacles, although sometimes disappointed briefly you know there is a code for you to break in order to find the secret of your life.

Be brave precious one you are on the right track for it is known that each time there looks to be a failure you are so much closer to your answer.

Do not let up on your journey even if it lasts one hundred years. So many have quit just before the turn in the road where the answer lay.

Maintain your energy and focus by finding allies on your journey. They too are breaking the code. Your allies are students like you. They know they have a purpose and they love yours.

Together you will find what you need for your journey at every moment.

Just remember that which is at your feet in this very moment is as close to the answer as you may ever come  because your life can only be lived one moment at a time.

This is who you are.