We are challenged by change every day. Even though we want things to stay the same because it feels like then we will have certainty in our life.

Does it take courage to change?

It takes awareness to face the fact that your life is changing right before your eyes in the moment.

It means letting go of what is and accepting what now.

The essential part of you is that part that steps into the moment ready to accept what is offered.

Courage actually is what you might call your willingness to be in your life fully.

Some would call it courage as a way to describe it.

I would say it is about your awareness of the choices you make in your life and your ability to navigate those choices along the way.

If you choose to attempt to keep the status quo it will bring disappointment.

The very nature of life is change. You get to choose how to navigate it.

Your capacity for change is enormous. You have adapted to many situations in your life and have survived.

In this moment your life is changing. Let it be and be with it and then live this moment fully.