I crave connection. I think I always have.  

I am a sensitive person. I have always wanted to be accepted and liked.


It was a tough time when I was not picked for the team. I learned it was better to do things alone and preferably in isolation than on a team.


As I grew up, I taught myself to develop close relationships within my family. It made me happy.


It was harder to accomplish at work because so often the attempts by others at connection seemed contrived.

One of the most contrived connection experiences was at the company Christmas party. It just did not make sense to me to put strangers into a room together, fill them up with food and alcohol and expect it to look like fun.


We pretend that social media is connection. It is a way to share information which is different.


I trained as a manger, coach and group facilitator and so I had lots of opportunity to experience the warmth, smiles and heart felt greetings from people who attended face to face groups. I always felt the connection of being together and how powerful we are when we are eyeball to eyeball.


I think we have a longing for others to feel our energy, see our facial expression and hear our laughter.


There is a hunger that is going wanting in  all of us in this age of the internet and social media.

You cannot replace the intimacy of the moment when you share time with someone you connect with.


We need to practice connection.  It is something that contributes our well being.


If it is missing in our relationships, we will feel the emptiness and hunger and even the sadness of it not being there.


You have the essence of connection within you. All of us do, even those like me that grew up thinking doing it alone was better.


Get together with someone who has skin all around and feel their warmth, see their smile and connect with their energy. It will fuel your soul with life again.


This is who you are.