When we are compassionate we recognize the pain of another person and we open our heart to the feeling of loving kindness to them. We give up the resistance to feeling our own pain when someone we care for is suffering.

We move from our head where we analyze the situation, to our heart which flows with warmth and caring.

I have two friends who have gotten sick lately. There is nothing I can do to change the situation.

It is difficult to have two friends taken down in such  a short time.

My vulnerability to my life shows up at a time like this.

I bring forward open hearted compassion for the suffering they experience.

In this moment I am also open to my own suffering.

That is what compassion is, a connection between us in which we feel the others’ pain.

Most of us try to resist pain.

We prefer to feel good, feel happy and not be faced with the uncomfortable feeling that comes with suffering.

I am not in charge of what is happening to my friends.

They are in the process of physical healing and probably spiritual healing since illness opens us up on many levels.

I stay with the pain I feel.

It is the way to take care of my self in the moment while attending to the connection with my friends.

It is not easy but the answer is not to turn away.

The way through is to lean in with an open heart.

Then send loving kindness each day that they may be well.

It is within us to give.

This is who you are.