It takes Chutzpa to be you. No Kidding, given what you’ve come through over the years, we are amazed at your success in making it through the obstacle course.  

There is no one who has the audacious nature, the confidence and the tenacity just like you.

You are unique in our world.


So , how’s it going? Are you using your chutzpa?


It is inside you. You were born knowing who you are and what your purpose is.

Sometimes though things get misplaced on the journey.


If that is the case with you then you need to call on your inner chutzpa.


It’s the courage to look deeply, meditate on your life and allow for the answers to come rather than trying to push them to the surface.


Your gifts are never lost. They are lying just below the surface of your awareness.

So the answer is to bring forward your awareness of the moment and see what is there.


Your chutzpa will help you. It’s the audacious and confident you.


It’s in your bones. It’s a part of you.

This is who you are.