Hopeful Notes Book“Tis the season to put up the colored lights, set up the Santa and  turn the front yard into a seasonal playground. How come the darn light strings that are pulled from their dusty shelf in the basement don’t work? They worked fine last year. It seems gremlins go to work in the summer to make sure that they won’t work when you go to plug them in this year.

Then through consultation with the family you decide to reinvent the whole picture anyway. Now that’s what we call fun!

Off you go to the local Christmas store to see what deals you can find including the right color scheme. There are none and you don’t.

Patience is your virtue here.  You retreat to your favorite chair and mediate to slow your heart rate down. No point getting anxious there are still a couple of weeks left before you really have to get these lights organized.

No there really is not a couple of weeks left to go. You need to get this project done now!

If only you had undertaken this project earlier than the beginning of December. November would have been a good time to look things over and maybe October might even have been the best.

How this is like your life?

A project is looming on the horizon but there is still time to let it sit.

Consideration of the project comes to the forefront of your mind as the time draws closer for you to start.

Tension rises within you, right behind your belt buckle, as you realize before you know it the time has come to start.

Yet, little or no planning has been done except in the minds of those that think they have control over the project.

You are ready to start when the committee puts a halt to it as re-design is put on the agenda.

Your tension level goes up. You know this is not necessary because this project was done before.

How do you feel?

Here’s one option:

You jump to it with all your good cheer, well wishes and gratitude for the opportunity.

Your gratitude for all that is good in your life goes a long way to bringing joy to your heart no matter what.