The second element of manifestation is choosing. Once you imagine the outcome you desire you will have a feel for what it is you want.

Magic happens when you apply your power of choose. You must choose it over and over again.


Simply because the way the world works is to bring obstacles in the form of people or experiences that do not support your choice.

So you must choose your present moment awareness about what it is you want.

Your power of choice is powerful. It orients your internal systems to say this is the way you are going and you will do your very best to make it happen.

Are there any guarantees. Probably not and yet what I know to be true is that if you shoot for the stars you will go a long way to fulfilling your desires.

Is it easy? I don’t think so. Many experts make their tasks look easy like an actor who falls into their character and plays them with poise and certainty.

They make it look easy and it is not. They have imagined their character. They have chosen to play this character and learn all about them then along the way choosing becomes an irreplaceable part of the manifestation process.

Combine your power of imagination with your power of choice and tomorrow we will talk about your power of creation.