The power of choice is a precious one. Many times we do not realize that we are making choices that serve us or don’t because the process is unconscious.

Every day you make choices for yourself, for your family, about your job and how you will get to where you think you need to be this day.

Where you end up could be something you like or something you don’t.

In any event you want to realize that the choice is yours.

How many times have you said yes to something when you meant no and then blamed the result on someone else?

The responsibility to live in your conscious choice point is yours and yours alone.

No matter your circumstances even if they seem out of your control.

Ask yourself, what choice do I have right now?

Many times the choice is not about doing something. It’s about reacting to something.

The events of your life are not what the cause the uncomfortable feelings.

It is how you are reacting to them.

When you choose, make a point of choosing consciously.

Be aware of what is being asked of you and whether it is something you want to participate in.

If you say yes be sure your yes is authentic so the choice you make in that moment for your life is one you are happy to live with.

See if it one that nourishes your soul.

When it nourishes the essence of you then the results are bound to bring you energy, good feelings and a reaffirming of who you are.