The mind obsesses about the delicious butter cream topping chocolate cake sitting on the kitchen counter.

chocolate cake.jpeg

The mouth waters just seeing the velvety, smooth dark chocolate treasure awaiting the first bite.

Ok, enough obsession, there really is no chocolate cake although your mind might want one.

However, the human mind has a capacity for obsession about many things.

Thoughts come through the mind at a rapid pace and it has the capacity to process huge amounts of information.

However, the mind loves to stop and focus on one thing and play with it like a kid with a toy.

Over and over the story plays out in thought with the physical body reacting to the delicious promise of food, status, recognition or anything else it has been taught to value.

You see the mind does not know the difference between real experience and imagined experience. 

The result is you have put yourself through the wringer obsessing about whatever it was that caught the attention of your mind.

It is like a runaway train heading for nowhere.

Controlling obsession leads to freedom of thought and body. You release yourself from the powerless feeling of someone else driving your bus.

Try these ideas to give yourself a sense of being free:

  1. Stop - take time to stop and notice your mind is in obsession mode. It may be about chocolate cake or something else.
  2. Observe - how you feel when your mind obsesses. The obsession actually creates physical reactions.
  3. Trust - your intuition to know what you need in the moment other than obsession. 

Freedom from obsession allows for more space to connect to your intuitive knowing about what is right for you right now.

This is who you are.