We all have the plan that we want our life to be as certain as possible. That makes us feel safe, comfortable and predictable.  

We make promises about our life but in truth we don’t really believe we will fulfill them because they are outside our norm.


Yes, you bet, you say to yourself, I will have the best job in the country in the next month. Then you go about not believing it and you stay in old behaviors that keep everything the same.

That says to your subconscious that the old structure you were taught is valid in your life.


The truth is that your commitment to certainty keeps you in the same old rut. The one you are familiar and comfortable in.

To change your circumstances is to declare the new reality of your life.

That is that you have the power to affect the outcome of your choices.

Most of us say we want something new but then after we declare we take it back.

That’s the old way of thinking that has us trapped in certainty.



When you are ready, you get to declare what you want the experience of your life to be.


It needs to be firm, clear and without a plan “B”. You move forward, you look ahead and you make your declaration for the new freedom in your life.


There is lots of science that goes to prove what I am saying has credibility. But, hey, that’s only information. You have to prove it to yourself.


How could you prove that you have the power to create in your life?


Try asking for something to show up that you want, give it a time frame and declare it to be done the way you want it. See what happens.


This is who you are.