A caterpillar has a very simple system to sense dark and light. It cannot form an image. The caterpillar can smell and sense touch and so it goes through life with a very small perception of its world.

Sometimes I feel like a caterpillar? Do you?

Some days it seems impossible to figure out what the world needs from me.

It doesn’t seem to matter how hard I try, the vision is not there.

The unknown is scary and it feels like I am walking without a map.

Lucky thing you and I are not a caterpillars so we can bring our whole self forward.

You have a small world when you are in caterpillar mode.

However, do you know what the caterpillar will become?

It will become a beautiful butterfly cable of traveling thousands of miles.

Do you know the metamorphosis the caterpillar goes through to become its new self?

It the cocoon all of the caterpillar literally dissolves into a mush of cells.

At the earliest stages you would never expect a beautiful creature to emerge.

you are I have the same capabilities.

Sometimes I am sure you feel like mush as things around you dissolve into painful experiences in which you are not sure how you will emerge.

Take a lesson from the caterpillar.

Allow for whatever is going on to be with you and know that you will emerge from the difficult experience to live another day as a more beautiful human than you are today.

Living in the moment when times are challenging is a practice.

When you bring your awareness to whatever is happening you go into your own cocoon to use the wisdom of your heart.

It is to always visible.

It is not always logical.

It is always transformative if you allow it to be.

The caterpillar does not evaluate the merits of going into the cocoon.

It knows at a cellular level that this is the way life is to be.

Each of us, becomes more aware of our wholeness when we stay present in our experience.

It is not a time to step away from the fire.

It is a time to recognize and accept your wisdom.

This is who you are.