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Calmness Arrives


A calmness settled in today. 

The last few days have been busy in my head with thoughts of regret, analysis and futurizing about my life.

This inner banter, of course, is the ego voice attempting to return to the status quo, set the ship back on course.

However my wiser self wonders what will my life be like if I am willing to question it and look for possibilities lying before me I cannot yet see.

In order to do that quiet reflective time is needed.

This is somewhat unnerving because I am accustomed to the chaos and analysis.

I realize, however, in taking time for reflection this morning that for as long as I can remember I have wanted to make people think about their life, laugh about the funny things and be grateful for the abundance.

And most of all, I have through Hopeful Notes, intended to have you question the format of your life from a place of inspiration rather than desperation. 

So following my own intention...taking my own advice, that is what I am doing.

We have one more day together but it will not be good-bye it will be “see you again soon.” A calmness settled in today. 

The last few days have been busy in my head with thoughts of regret, analysis and futurizing about my life.

This inner banter, of course, is the ego voice attempting to return to the status quo, set the ship back on course.

However my wiser self wonders what will my life be like if I am willing to question it and look for possibilities lying before me I cannot yet see.

In order to do that quiet reflective time is needed.

This is somewhat unnerving because I am accustomed to the chaos and analysis.

I realize, however, in taking time for reflection this morning that for as long as I can remember I have wanted to make people think about their life, laugh about the funny things and be grateful for the abundance.

And most of all, I have through Hopeful Notes, intended to have you question the format of your life from a place of inspiration rather than desperation. 

So following my own intention...taking my own advice, that is what I am doing.

We have one more day together but it will not be good-bye it will be “see you again soon.”



Seller's Remorse


It happened.

I made the big decision to put Hopeful Notes to rest for a while and then hardly before the next breath is taken I am rolling around in the middle of the night with gremlins of doubt running through my head.

They make a lot of noise.

It is Sellers remorse. You never should have let it go, so says the ego.

The rational ego speaks loudly of people being let down, the loss of connection and the loneliness I will feel after this week.

My greatest fear is loneliness.

My ego knows that and speaks to that very thing because it is my weak spot.

I am sure many of you know this syndrome.

It is the ego doing its best work to maintain the status quo where it looks like certainty and safety are what I need.

But you know, if I never take the leap I will not experience the void.

I choose consciously to walk into the void because it is the way through to my next iteration.

I am not going anywhere.

You will hear from me again.

However, the me that will show up will have more dimension, more access to my authentic self and a clear knowing of my purpose.

Thanks for hanging in here with me.


Start Here - Follow It


Start Here - Follow It

Having made the decision to pause in the writing of Hopeful Notes, I immediately notice there is a big space.

This accentuates the change process and wakes up the ego.

The ego, always the helper, wants to ensure I am OK  so it goes about trying to immediately fill the space so I won’t feel the discomfort. 

The ego chatters on filling my brain with rationalizations and  justifications while attempting to clarify the process so that I will have more certainty.

However, when we are in a transition time certainty is not the way through.

The way through, as I know it, is to step toward the uncertainty, embrace the discomfort in my body, my mind and my soul and sit in quiet reflection until the next step to take shows up…and it always does.

In the moment is where the richness of the process demonstrates itself to me.

This takes a certain amount of confidence in the universal energy available to me.

When I leave the present moment I lose connection to that part of me which will guide me in this time of transition.

All the elements of body, mind, soul and ego show up as part of this time.

It’s a busy place inside me right now.

So, as many times as I have to, I make the choice to follow what is given.

Moment to moment……

I appreciate you as a fellow traveller.



It Is Time To Pause


It Is Time To Pause

When we are conscious in our lives, we see and feel when the time has come to make a change.

It is time for me to step into the turmoil of change without knowing all the steps on the path, recognizing that life is a journey of transition not destination.

I feel a powerful motivation to step toward the change in energy I feel in my life.

No matter how hard I have tried lately, I can’t shake off the impetus to stop, surrender and listen carefully to the voice of transition that is constantly giving me guidance to move in a new direction.

For this reason, my final Hopeful Note, at least for the time being, will be published on Friday, December 19th just before the winter solstice.

The winter time is a time to put certain things to bed, like our garden, so that in the spring the plants may flourish again.

However, this does not mean I will lose consciousness about my journey or isolate in my bedroom.

 I will  be pursuing new interests, gathering my energy and consciously paying attention to the path I am on.

I will emerge in a new way.

I don’t know what that is at the moment but I am consciously engaging in the process in a mindful way.

In the next few days before our time together draws to a close I will let you know as best I can the aspects of my journey of which I am aware.

I am grateful to you for being my fellow traveller.


Love Is A State Of Being


Love Is A State Of Being

Love is not a destination.

Love is a state of being.

Love is a way of knowing yourself first, with all the qualities and uniqueness you arrived with.

This state of being is an awakened state to your heart.

It also includes your connection to others you love.

When you know the state of being of love you intuitively know what and who is right for your world.

You may have forgotten the elements of this but they are never lost.

Open the door to love through these steps:

    1    Offer yourself loving kindness.

    2    Offer others loving kindness

    3    Accept what is without trying to change it.

    4    Acknowledge others for who they are and let your love shine in their presence.

This is who you are.


Love Endures


Love Endures

There are few things that endure in the world like love.

It seems no matter what, we can love each other, we can love our family and even love ourselves.

That is to say if we have one ingredient first.

The foundation for our love must be present.

The foundation is the understanding and commitment to love the only person on the planet who really matters.


Every child born is lovable and that includes you.

Any notion you have of unlovability has been learned through your experience growing up.

There is no question lots has happened to some of us that gave us false information about how lovable we are.

However, the root of love still exists in everyone and it endures for a lifetime.

This is who you are.


Love Is Fierce


Love Is Fierce

Love is energy.

All of us have it.

Some feel it more than others.

Love is best directed to oneself then to the world.

Love is fierce sometimes when you stand your ground for the love of someone or something.

It is unwavering in the face of challenge.

Love comes from that part of you that knows the truth.

Today, show yourself some love.

Remind yourself of the lovable being that you are.


Simply because that is who you are..





Love is a joining together of two people holding hands, looking in the same direction and walking together.

Love is not control of one another.

Love is listening deeply with an open heart to what is being said.

Love is not about me alone.

Love is looking to see what is needed.

Love is not demanding of a fulfillment of my needs alone.

Love is so many things designed and delivered through our connection.

When love is in the room the dance is underway to open all of us to a greater understanding of who we are.

Love is all these things and more.

This is who you are.


Be An Explorer


Be An Explorer

There was a time when people thought the world was flat because they could not see beyond their horizon.

The world expanded when explorers took to their boats and went seeking a new world.

When you take the attitude that you are an explorer of your world you are willing to open your mind and heart to see beyond where you can see right now.

Be curious about your world.

Ask some questions like:

  1. What is it I love?
  2. What I am I doing here?
  3. What is my vision for my future

These questions are there basis for exploring your world and seeing beyond your current horizon.

You may discover a new world for yourself.

This is who you are.





Ubuntu is often translated as "humanity toward others," but is often used in a more philosophical sense to mean "the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity.

I think we all have a sense of being connected to one another particularly in times of difficulty.

We gather to help one another when times are tough, then I have noticed we go back behind our closed doors.

Do we forget we are connected?

It seems the pace of life today requires we turn inward to our own resources to make life work.

We forget others can help us if we ask.

Just consider for a moment the possibility of being aware that you are connected in some way to everyone you meet and see today.

Notwithstanding our delusion that we are separate and try to do it all alone, can we consider the idea that in fact we are not alone.

The resources available to us go way beyond what we might access on our own.

This is an exciting possibility for everyone’s life.

We just need to pay attention and listen.

Ubuntu can become our daily practice.

This is who you are.


Where Is The Peace We Seek?


Where Is The Peace We Seek?

My observation of the world at the moment is of people running around trying to find peace.

In fact, peace is not out there. Peace is in resides in all our hearts, we just don’t realize it all the time.

In the world of the one person there is dissatisfaction with career or family or health or whatever.

A continual litany of something being wrong while proclaiming to find the place of peace.

To find peace within we have to know peace is within ourselves.

If it is something new that is desired in our lives then we must know the place that thing comes from.

It does not come from racing around.

It will not show up if you keep throwing all kinds of crap at the wall and hoping something will stick.

It will come in the quiet moment when you stop, take notice of where you are, who is speaking to you and what your consciousness is about your gifts and talents.

No one is devoid of peace.

Everyone has it.

It resides within each one of us waiting like a beautiful flower to be discovered among bushes.

This is who you are.





Our bodies appear so solid.

There is stuff there you can pinch and see in the mirror.

Our life activities look certain because they are what we do every day.

Life happens day after day, head down and shoulders hunched, pushing ahead with what needs to be done.

It is what is expected, isn’t it?

We take it for granted that the way things are is the way they will be.

That is, except when events intervene to pull us up short.

We have to stop when exhaustion shows up or illness presents its gift of a time out.

What if we just choose to take a moment to breathe and give thanks for what we have?

What if you took two minutes a few times a day to pay attention to how you feel?

As I write this note, I am reminded of how hard I have tried and I see others trying, to keep the chaos of life in check.

The way I see it, the journey is the thing not the destination.

If we miss out on the small moments of awareness, we miss the sparkles life brings us moment after moment.

Sure, it may be hard sometimes to keep it all going.

There is so much activity.

I just think it might make it a bit easier and more enjoyable if we took some time to appreciate ourselves and the process...moment by moment.

This is who you are.


What Is the Opening?


What Is the Opening?

What is the opening you are looking for?

What is the opening you are hoping for?

There is nothing to wait for because the opening to your wisdom is always there.

This is who you are.


Two Phrases That Change Your Day


Two Phrases That Change Your Day

There are two phrases that when used with gratitude and connection create something positive that was not there before.

The phrase is “thank You.” 

This is an acknowledgment of something done for you for which you are grateful.

Many people in our fast paced world do not get acknowledgment for the things they do.

I have noticed this with store clerks, nurses, teachers, doctors, husbands and wives  and many others who are of service.

The service is provided by the person because it is their job or their responsibility or a desire to help, not to get the acknowledgement.

A deeper connection is formed, good will is created and stronger relationship are forged when “Thank you” passes between them.

In many cases it is the people closest to us we forget to say, “Thank you” to. 

In a way we have taken the relationship for granted by forgetting how important acknowledgment is to the other person.

The other phrase that will change your day is to address someone by their name.

If you don’t know their name, just ask them.

An instant bond is created.

When you use another person’s name with respect, connection and authenticity you are saying something to them about how much you value them.

It provides the opportunity for a happier and more connected moment.

Many times the people closest to you are craving your acknowledgment.

Don’t forget them just because they are beside you all the time.

Familiarity is the reason to be more aware of how you acknowledge them.

Two phrases to use to change your day. “Thank you” and addressing someone by their name.

This is who you are.


No Big deal


No Big deal

Yesterday, I missed writing a Hopeful Note as one of a very few times in the past seven years.

The other day I wrote about little bits of change.

They happen just when you least expect them.

Sunday night I had to go to emergency because I was in so much pain with my gall bladder.

It ended up in emergency surgery with me on the table having the gall bladder ranked out.

No big deal, my ego said.

Good to get rid of it.

You didn’t need it anyway.

Right, except I was under the knife one more time having a body part cut out.

How many times does a guy want to go through that?

The ego’s voice of no big deal is one that pushed aside emotions, feelings and awareness.

There is a shutting down that occurs when the ego speaks loudly.

For me, it seems to speak most loudly when I am in a tough situation that I can’t control.

Now that I am home, the opening to gratitude is here.

Gratitude for the great medical care and gratitude for the awakening of a deeper consciousness about my life.

It is not the voice of the ego that provides the lesson here.

It is the voice of my awakened heart.

That is the voice of gratitude for all that you and I have in our lives.

We need to be aware of taking care of it.

This is who you are.


Little Bits of Change


Little Bits of Change

As you know, everything changes over time.

It happens in small bits so much so you hardly notice it.

For example, I used to have a great head of hair. Now I have more hair growing in my eyebrows than on my head.

How does that happen?

Little bits of change over time.

This is how the journey of life works.

Some changes you have control over, like what you eat and some you don’t like getting older.

However, the ball is in your court to decide how you handle the bits of change you can.

You see it is not the changes themselves that are bothersome, it is how you handle them.

Isn’t it great to realize you are in charge?

But now the problem arises that if you are in charge then you are also responsible.

You are the captain of your own ship.

One little change a day...eventually...makes for a big change in direction.

When you add them up over a lot of years you create your life.

Love it or not your ship sails with you at the helm.

This is who you are.


Chocolate cake...Please!


Chocolate cake...Please!

The mind obsesses about the delicious butter cream topping chocolate cake sitting on the kitchen counter.

chocolate cake.jpeg

The mouth waters just seeing the velvety, smooth dark chocolate treasure awaiting the first bite.

Ok, enough obsession, there really is no chocolate cake although your mind might want one.

However, the human mind has a capacity for obsession about many things.

Thoughts come through the mind at a rapid pace and it has the capacity to process huge amounts of information.

However, the mind loves to stop and focus on one thing and play with it like a kid with a toy.

Over and over the story plays out in thought with the physical body reacting to the delicious promise of food, status, recognition or anything else it has been taught to value.

You see the mind does not know the difference between real experience and imagined experience. 

The result is you have put yourself through the wringer obsessing about whatever it was that caught the attention of your mind.

It is like a runaway train heading for nowhere.

Controlling obsession leads to freedom of thought and body. You release yourself from the powerless feeling of someone else driving your bus.

Try these ideas to give yourself a sense of being free:

  1. Stop - take time to stop and notice your mind is in obsession mode. It may be about chocolate cake or something else.
  2. Observe - how you feel when your mind obsesses. The obsession actually creates physical reactions.
  3. Trust - your intuition to know what you need in the moment other than obsession. 

Freedom from obsession allows for more space to connect to your intuitive knowing about what is right for you right now.

This is who you are.





Do we get what we expect?

Expectations are not always fulfilled because there are circumstances we cannot control.

However, expectations are a filter through which we see and act in the world.

This filter prevents us from seeing and experiencing what is really going on...what else is possible.

It is a limiting way to live.

Can we live without any expectations?

I think we can learn to love living without expectations if we are prepared to be present in each moment and act accordingly.

Thich Nhat Hanh says, “The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence.”

Unfortunately many of us are not practiced enough at being present in the moment.

We bring our expectations wrapped in agendas, attitudes and success goals along with us at every turn and...miss the moments.

Here are some ideas to let go of expectations:

  1. Focus on what you want and take a small step toward it without pre-engaging in the outcome.
  2. Release yourself from judgement as to how you think your life should be.
  3. Trust yourself to know when you pay attention, the answer you need in this moment will show up

Start exploring life without the chain of expectations.

You will feel free.

This is who you are.


The Body beautiful


The Body beautiful

Do you know the song of your life?

It’s the theme running through the lyrics of your day that keep you going.

Many people are not aware of their song.The need to rush is too strong.

They run here and there trying new things, staying with the old, resisting change because it is too hard to craft a new tune.

Yet, the old lyrics don’t match you any more.

You can feel it in your bones as you try to sing the same old song day after day.

The opening to a new song is what is called for now.

This means not only shedding the old but actually writing new lyrics.

How will you do that?

The new song shows up when you decide you are ready. It is a conscious choice.

This means recognizing the delusion of continuing to sing the same old tune.

Sit down, take the time to see what lyrics show up now.

They are there.

They show up through the turmoil and the uncertainty when you allow it.

The time is here for a new song of your life.

Let it come.

It is in your heart.

Listen for it.

This is who you are.


Dreams Unfulfilled?


Dreams Unfulfilled?

You have a dream.

You want something to change in your life but you don’t know how to do it.

The harder things get, the harder you try.

That’s because of how you have been trained.


You are frustrated because you are not acknowledged for what you have done.

The effort you have put toward your dream is the best you have ever given.

Here is what is getting in your way:

  1. The training that says the harder things get the harder you should work.
  2. The way you keep analyzing the results. It’s like pulling up the roots of a baby plant to see if it is growing.
  3. The judgement you place on yourself for not being good enough.

Here is an alternative way to look at and fulfill your dream:

  1. Acknowledge you don’t know the answer and let that be enough.
  2. Keep putting your effort into your dream by taking the next step.
  3. Understand and know that if you take the next step you have already fulfilled your dream. There is nothing more to do

This is my philosophy of fulfilling my dream. 

When I acknowledge the step I have taken today then I know I am fulfilling my dream because that was what I was supposed to do today.

Do not lament on yesterday or leap into tomorrow.

Your dream comes true in this moment as you take the necessary action.

This is who you are.