Our home is taking a lot of hits lately. Matter of fact it looks to me like we have been giving her a lot of toxic hits for a long time.

EarthI wonder how this is a reflection of our own inner world.

Are we so out of touch with ourselves that we fail to see what we are asking of spaceship earth?

A thousand years ago the great masters appeared to have a sense of connection between their environment inside and out.

It looks to me like they knew their heart and soul and how to live in their environment with this connection.

Healing starts from the inside out.

If we are to have a chance to save our planet we will need to start paying attention to our inner life.

The stresses and strains of life will always be there.

Yet, can we face them, be with them and bring compassion to them and ourselves?

Opening to our inner life is like opening a good book you have not read yet.

One page at a time more of the incredible story is revealed.

Healing our planet is to heal ourselves.

What is your first step?

This is who you are.