Butter has been used for thousands of years as an excellent source of nutrients our bodies need.

It is made by separating out the cream from milk and then churning the cream into a beautiful food.

You would not know butter is part of the milk you were drinking if you did not know any better.

There is a process that must take place to bring the butter out of the raw product.

What do you think we  have to do with butter?

Well, I was thinking about the process of our evolution.

We are born with purity of mind, heart and soul. A huge potential is hidden within us.

The process by which we develop will identify and mobilize aspects of us previously unseen.

If you do not undertake any kind of process of development then nothing will change.

Hmm, sounds like butter in the making.

You have a choice as to how you develop and bring your hidden gifts to the world.

They will only come out if you choose to develop and use them.

Butter does not show up automatically with all its sweetness and nourishment.

Neither do you.

This is who you are.