heartsYou were born of love, by love and through love. Therefore you are a being of love pure and simple.

There is no force so potent and yet so challenging as love

For, when we are loved and feel loved our entire world is in alignment.

When love is taken away or leaves our lives are changed forever.

When love arrives at our door we feel it strong and true. Pay attention to these feelings.

They are a guide to where you are going. The feelings of love can carry you on a journey surging through your life. Pay attention to where you are.

Give, share and show your love to that which is the object of your attention. It is yours to choose where your love goes.

Just make sure you are in the picture and a part of you or all of you has not disappeared from the mirror just to have the experience.

If that happens you will have to be aware enough to recover and find love for yourself again.

Love is a potent energy. Find it, nurture it and use it first for you then for others in the world if you so choose.