The bicycle sits in the garage unused dusty with flat tires. It held such promise last year when it was cleaned up and shiny with a bit of an edge to it that said, “Let’s go!” Almost every day you walk past it promising yourself you will soon take that ride you have promised yourself. It’s such good exercise and you are determined to bring back that svelte body to the shape it is meant to be.

Such promises hold the possibility of results that are beyond what you ever thought could be your reality.

Your mind swoons over the picture of how you will look in the mirror after you have ridden your bike all summer. The diet will change too, you’ll see. It’s in the bag. It’s a done deal. No more fooling around.

This time you are more serious than you have ever been. Determination has become your middle name.

The dream is alive in you. The bike simply needs to be dusted off, tires pumped up some oil for the gears and away you go. Don’t forget to buy new gloves so blisters don’t flare up. A new helmet of racing quality is also a good idea.

Now all the external equipment is in place. It was last year too.

This time you really, really mean it. You look in the mirror point your index finger at that beautiful face of yours and declare your promise to yourself.

Now take a few minutes. Sit quietly, go inside to the energy center within and affirm your knowing of the truth.

You are all that you are intended to be in this moment. You will ride your bike and know that the promise you are fulfilling is one of acknowledging your gorgeous essence.