Whatever you believe about yourself, your family, your work and your world, it is not enough to invoke change. Many of us are pushing down the highway of exhaustion, depression and heavy traffic to reach a destination called happiness.

The modalities we have known for years as to how to do life do not seem to be working.

We may believe in the way things were but they are not working that way any more.

For example, I have had to learn how my computer works, the internet, instant messaging and Facebook.

More and more kids know all this stuff when they are still in diapers.

I was on a plane a while ago and I saw a baby on her mom’s lap playing with an iPad. Her mother told me the child was 18 months old and she knew how to play games on her iPad.

The world is changing fast. This child will grow up with beliefs about the internet, connectivity and relationships which are different from mine.

However, your belief in something can serve as the basis for change. It can serve as the basis for innovation yet by itself it is not enough.

What else do we need to invoke change in our life?

I think we need an inner awareness that our beliefs may not hold true anymore. They may be outmoded and in fact may never have been founded on reality.

Our beliefs may have been founded on our perception of reality or something we learned.

In order to broaden our perspective on our world and open to new possibilities I propose we consider these aspects of our life:

1. Presence. When we learn presence we learn to be in this moment. This is all we have. When you are awake in the middle of the night worrying or thinking you are not in the moment you are in the torrent of thoughts bombarding you.

When you live in the present moment you see how your beliefs apply or not to where you are. This is a moment when change can occur if what you believed does not work anymore.

2. Exploring. Be willing to explore your beliefs and actions to see if they are current and valid for you. Our world is always in evolution so we need to be aware if where we are is still where we ant to be. Do we fit here anymore or have we moved on to something new while living in the old.

You and I are always on the move. Most of us relate strongly to outside movement like running from one event to the other.

However, we are on the move from the inside out too.

It is from our heart that we can be in touch with our inner movement.

This is where our wisdom lives.

This is who you are.