How present are you in your life? Do you check in with yourself during the day to see if your feet are on the ground?

Are you flying high, always late, running red lights, not paying attention to who is in front of you?

How are your conversations? Are they half finished when you leave? Does the person you are speaking with feel like they are an audience of one waiting for your performance to be complete?

What does it matter anyway?

Well, in the spirit of living one’s life well, what would you prefer?

The day starts with the attention you give to you. The physical, the emotional and the intellectual body all desire your full attention.

If the whole of you goes without your nurturing, your love and your gratitude then what will go before you into your world today?

What will go before you and what will be with you will be the presence you carry within you.

You see, you are a human being from which energy goes into your world ahead of you.

Call it powerful if you will but in any event make sure you remember you have an impact on everyone and everything you are in touch with today.

This most especially includes you.