Many have complained about how stubborn you are, not the least of which is you when you are looking in the mirror. So many times you have chastised yourself for being stubborn and not willing to give in or see the other point of view or just plain be ornery because it feels powerful.

You see your ego loves power.

When you demonstrate stubbornness your ego rises up, fills with energy and takes charge of your bus just so it can show everyone how smart you are.

It is a dangerous game of chicken. The soul self attempting to come forward and being met by the big voice of the ego initially will fall back into quietness. Most times if you are not paying attention the ego will win.

Let your stubbornness be changed to determination based on the love you have for yourself and the world and what you intend to do with your life.

You have so much to offer. Do not let the ego hijack your potential by turning it into stubbornness which limits your vision.

The vision of your life is fulfilled through your loving attention to your soul nature which holds the keys to where you are going.

There is no pushing to undertake.

Use the essence of your soul to guide you with its loving voice. Then see what is called for.