Intimacy means different things to different people at different times. Today I want to talk to you about:

IN - TO - ME - SEE

When you become aware of all the complexities of your humanness you start to understand that to be intimate is to be known to yourself.

You have an essential self that came with you when you hit this planet. It has always been with you.

It has just been put aside so that you could adjust to your surroundings and play by the rules set forth by the adults in your life.

This all started the moment you took your first breath and perhaps even before that.

Your long history of adaptation has taken you far from your intimacy.

You have come into adulthood with false beliefs and strategies that no longer work.

Now you are encouraged to take on the journey of intimacy to learn at depth who you are and what your promise is.

We could fill a bushel basket and more with the promise of your life no matter what age and stage you are at.

Go ahead, just start. It doesn’t matter where.

You could start with meditation, journaling or a retreat that has this focus.

You owe it to yourself to become intimate.

This is who you are.