How inspiring to see a beautiful piece of art or someone playing music or butterflies flying in formation. ChartresThen think of science as being specific, searching for the way things work. In its way science is beautiful symmetry and design.

The amazing Venezuelan artist, Rafael Araujo uses pencil, compass and ruler to create beautiful renderings that are so precise you can see their three dimensional quality.

This is inspiring work of a man who has blended beauty and science.

We see beauty and science all around us in nature and man made structures.

You can look at one of the wonders of the world, such as the Chartres Cathedral and be inspired by the ingenuity, creativity, and vision it took to plan and build it. A gigantic structure of beauty and grace built almost one thousand years ago.

Can we imagine such a blend of beauty and science in our everyday life?

The choice to create beauty from our life is ours.

We are the master painters and carpenters, waking up every day to a new canvas and new opportunity.

That which we create is a reflection of our understanding of our power to envision and bring into form that which we imagine.

This is who you are.