It is a good idea to be prepared when life happens. Oh, by the way you probably noticed it happens every day. Every day a new opportunity is here for us to decide how we shall live.

Notwithstanding the anxiety you feel in this moment about where you are, who you are with or what the outcome will be you still have the choice of how to be.

Many aspects of our life can change physically, emotionally and spiritually and still we are left with the authentic self and our purpose here.

The food you eat does not provide all the power within you. There is something else operating that is pushing you to ask what your next expression is.

Be prepared when you start looking at your life with awareness for the old habits to kick in and the old self talk to jabber away at you.

Still something is stirring inside your heart that is calling you. Listen in the stillness for its voice.

You have a purpose.

You have and want meaning in your life. If you are missing it then just start looking and see what shows up.

Be prepared for people, resources and experiences to come your way that you never imagined. They are there and when the time is right they will show up.

Be prepared with your presence, your power of choice and your intention.