At this moment, what are you thinking? Is your heart thinking or is your ego thinking?

You know the difference.

Your ego thinks with judgement, criticism and edges.

Your heart thinks with vision, possibility and warmth that includes all points of view as information rather than a fight.

Thinking with your ego is easy because you are so used to doing it that way.

Your ego prefers it that way because then it can stay in charge of your life even if you say you want to change it.

Your heart is a different matter. It is like a young rabbit in the forest, shy, vulnerable and delicate.

It needs nurturing and attention of the gentle kind. The kind in which full attention is brought to it with an intention to see what it has to offer.

Your heart has not had much stage time because of your adaptation growing up. It was a time for the ego to develop and take the main stage of your life.

Now at your age and stage you want to walk a new path. You want to see the world from a new perspective.

You’ve felt the pull of your heart. You have tried to hear its voice.

Now is the time because the way forward is through your heart.

It is beautiful to know that you have all you need to go powerfully forward in this way. No extra equipment is needed.

You only need two things now.


Where you are and how you are in every moment.


Being conscious of who and what is around you and how the energy of your environment is affecting you.

This is who you are.